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Hun Sen
Chea Sim
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Khmer Rock and Roll
Peak Av Min Del Khern Dos


  Photo Gallery
Page 1 Page 21 Page 41 Page 61 Page 81 - Crab & Turtle
Page 2 Page 22 Page 42 Page 62 - Long Beach, Anaheim St. New Year Parade 2008 Page 82 - Preah Vihear Chann (Prey Veng)
Page 3 Page 23 Page 43 Page 63 Page 83 - Fish-Dolphin (Department of Fishery)
Page 4 Page 24 Page 44 Page 64 - Cambodian Food Page 84 - CPP 58th Anniversary
Page 5 Page 25 Page 45 Page 65 - Preah Vihear Temple Page 85 - Angkor Watt (2009)
Page 6 Page 26 Page 46 Page 66 - Sitting Temple Page 86 - Angkor Watt (2009) - Continue
Page 7 Page 27 Page 47 Page 67 - Siem Reap Conservatory 1 Page 87 - Angkor Watt (2009) - Continue
Page 8 Page 28 Page 48 Page 68 - Siem Reap Conservatory 2 Page 88 - Conservation D'Angkor
Page 9 Page 29 Page 49 Page 69 - Tamon Temple, Domrey Temple, Kahol Temple Page 89 - Bayon Temple
Page 10 Page 30 Page 50 Page 70 - Wat Reachea Yotanaram, Magic Elephant (Prey Veng) Page 90 - Banteay Srey Temple
Page 11 Page 31 Page 51 Page 71 - Kol Prek Pagoda (Kandal Province) Page 91 - Different Type of Fishes
Page 12 Page 32 Page 52 Page 72 - Khmer Dancer School at UCC Plaza Page 92 - Fishes at Takeo and SiemReap
Page 13 Page 33 Page 53 Page 73 -Watt Khmer Khoun Lao, Built by Khmer Page 93 - Old Bridge Road from PP to Siem Reap - Flooded Road from Siem Reap to Preah Vihear
Page 14 Page 34 Page 54 Page 74 - Watt Phu Loas, Built by Khmer Page 94 - CPP Jan 7th Liberation Celebration, Chea Sim University in Kam Chay Mear
Page 15 Page 35 Page 55 Page 75 - Watt Phu Loas, Built by Khmer (page 2) Page 95 - Watt Phnom (Phnom Penh)
Page 16 Page 36 Page 56 Page 76 - Ou Dong Moutain,  Khmer Food and Fish Page 96 - Watt Nokor
Page 17 Page 37 Page 57 Page 77 - CPP Campaing, Khmer Monk Page 97 - Buffalo Ride, Ratanakiri Hill Tribe Baskets, Cambodian made Hummer
Page 18 Page 38 Page 58 Page 78 - Bayong Mountain (Takeo Province) Page 98 - 2 Headed Fish, Ratanakiri Fish Market
Page 19 Page 39 Page 59 Page 79 - Soun Soben Resort Page 99 - Ou Sinlair Resort
Page 20 Page 40 Page 60 Page 80 - Phnom Sampo (Prey Veng) Page 100 - Beoung Lumkod Resort, Dr. Mazeroll Researching different type of fishes
Page 101-Dr. Mazeroll Researching Lumkud Lake (Continue) Page 102 - Different type of fishes, frog, spider (Beoung Lumkud) Page 103 - Dr. Mazeroll Researching Beoung LumKud (Continue)
Page 104 Page 105 - Anaheim Street Parade 2010, Ambassador Hem Heng Page 106 - Preah Vihear Province
Page 107 - Prasat Neak (Preah Vihear Province) Page 108 - Preah Vihear Military Base, Meanchey University, Statues Page 109 - Thmor Korl Monument, Kom ping pouy resevoir (Battambang), Phnom Sumpo
Page 110 -Battambang Province Municipality,  Lion statue at the bridge, Prasat Bassett (Battambang) Page 111 -University of Battambang, Porsat Museum, Elephant monument Page 112 -Resident Aquarium -  June 28, 2010 CPP Aniversary - Road side shrine to Kompong Som - Kompong Som fish market.
Page 113 - Personal Mansion, Kiriseila Pagoda (Kompot) Page 114 - Cambodia National Fish Day (2010) Page 115 - Angkor Borei River, Angkor Borei Museum
Page 116 - Ton Le Sap River, Pagoda in Komgpong Som Page 117 - ASEAN Trade Fair 2011, Cambodian National Museum, Phnom Penh, Chea Son Fish Farm, Hamburger Heaven Page 118 - Wedding - Children of Ky Kim Yan and General Prom Dim (Part I)
Page 119 - Wedding - Children of Ky Kim Yan and General Prom Dim (Part II) Page 120 - H.E. Nao Thouk Visits US - February 2011 Page 121 - H.E. Nao Thouk visit Sea World, San Diego, Long Beach Mark Twain Library, Khim Sarith Group at La Lune
Page 122 - Cambodia Electric Car "Angkor", Svay Rieng University, Phnom Penh Fish Store, CPP Headquater in Kandal Province Page 123 - Prasat Preah Khan, Prasat Ta Krobey, Old Bridge, Conservatory Siem Reap, White Flower, Cow on road Page 124 - Entrance Banteay Chhmar Pond, Bonteay Chhmar site and structure
Page 125 - New Museum at Preah Vihear, Lion Statue, Poison mushroom on museum ground, Preah Vihear military hospital, Proud Khmer sign

Page 126 - Hun Sen and Keo Kim Yan on bill board, Bill board sign on street in Phnom Penh, Ta Tai River Area, Ta Tai River Guest House

Page 127 - Narin with deer at Phnom Tamao Zoo, Zoo Bird, Zoo sign, Otters, Loris, Zoo birds, Native Water Buffalo, Zoo Bear, White Butterfly
Page 128 - Mondulkiri Buffalo Monument, Bou Sra waterfall sign, Bou Sra waterfall vendors handicrafts, Blind man handmade guitar, Bou Sra waterfall, Hill Tribe shoulder basket, Mondulkiri home dydro electric power plant, Mondulkiri coffee plantation, Mondulkiri hilltop pagoda,  Mondulkiri monument 8 arms, Hill Tribe Mr. Noung Page 129 - Painting at Kompong Cham Pagoda, Kompong Cham Province fishing float by bridge, Teuk Cha Resort, Dragon Fish, Ostrich and Narin, Teuk Cha ruins, Teuk Cha lake Page 130 - Snakehead fish, Mondulkiri fish market, Turtle conservation pagod, Ratanakiri Banlung fish market, National Fish Day June 30, 2012
Page 131- Lady plays xylophone, Kandal Pagoda lotus flower pond, Wood Rose, Diety Temple guard, Environmental road sign, Sea forest sign, Monorom waterfall, Dragon fish wood carving, Durian fruit and hairy fruit, Banlung child monk roadside, Restaurant above Banlung Lake, Ian Baird & Narin Kem at Sesan River, Kickboxing,  June 27, 2012 CPP Anniversary Page 132 - Lizard at Prasat Ta Krobey, Zoo crocodile, Keiko on the wall, Lizard in field of mango tree, Mondulkiri monitor lizard, Lizard on ceiling in a restaurant in Cambodia, Ratanakiri Hotel Lizard, Teuk Chha Resort Crocodile Page 133 -Giant Gourami, Crocodile Gar, Red Tail Cat, Sea Anemone, Red Crab, Moray Eel, Giant Bass, Grouper
Page 134-Lantern Bug, Angkor Borei Old Museum, Angkor Borei New Museum, Statue at Angkor Borei New Museum, Pottery, Angkor Borei Pottery Museum "Necklace". Photo of Museum, Pond, Sandscript at Angkor Borei Museum, Takao Pagoda Gate, Takao Pagoda Gate, Takao Elephant, Inside of the old temple, Mantle Page 135- 6 Found Statues, Angkor Borei Museum Artifacts, On the right: Mr. Seng Fishery Dept, Kampong Chhnange Fish Market, Phnom Tamao Zoo Pangolin, Monkey, Pacu, Pond by Tonle Baiey, Vietnam Border Heng Sanam Village, King Statue

Page 136 - Steung Traing Fish Market, Steung Traing River, Temple, Well, Sesan Island River, Sesan Broken Bridge, Sensan River Taxi, Forst, Core Samples, Taxi Capt., Mr. Piseth, River Step Fish, Lao Border New Immigration

Page 137 - Srey Pok River Crossing, Forest Ho Chi Minh Trail Rd, Farmer Mondulkiri, Stone Elephant, Trey Dom Rey to eat Eel, Trey Dom Rey Marble Goby, Cat fish Tre Po, Cat Fish, Talapia, Botia, Tire Track Eel, Goby's, Jack Fruit Stand, Malaysian Flower Horn, Viva Mexican Restaurant, Cut Rice Field Page 138-Robalo, Turtle, Sea Bass, Lion Fish, Puffer Salt Water, Sea Horse, Snapper, Seawater Angel, Baracuda, Hill Tibe Art, Hill Tribe cultural center, Crocodile, Hill Tribe Structure, House Hut, Lodge, Hill Tribe Sacrificial Post, Hill Tribe wood Statues Page 139 - Baskets, Old Hill Tribe Photo, Cave man before Angkor Society, Ceramic Pots, Khmer Krom Waterfall, Ling Huni, Khmer Statues, Hill Tribe Baskets, Cross Bows, Fish Trap Baskets, Hill Tribe Clothing, Khmer Krom, Lobster, Mosaic Textile Art
Page 140 - Gary Futheim and Samdech Hun Sen, Ganish Statue in Phnom Penh, Stung Treing Hill Tribe Baskets, 66 statues found by 14 years old boy, Mr. Peng Naly director of Ministry of Culture&Fine Arts, CTN kickboxing advertisement on TUK TUK, Under Secretary of state Hab Touch, Chuh Phoern, Khim Sarith, Oum Sarith, Mrs. Men Saman, 1st lady Bun Rany & Samdech Hun Sen, Takeo Prawn, Pond donated by Gary Fultheim, Sunrise Children Village, Clam digging in Sihanoukville Page 141- Hill Tribe Craft Shop, Vietnam Cultural Ritual Pole, Vietnam Hill Tribe, Vietnam Hill Tribe Costume, Vietnam with rice basket, Rice baskets, Vietnam hill tribe pick fruit in tree, Hill tribe Vietnam ritual, Vietnam hill tribe music terraced field, Rice beating, Costume ornament ritual, Pole climb, Cultural stick dance, Dragon mask, Ritual dance, Textile weaving machine, Textiles & Gongs, Woven mat + baskets, cooking utensils, Funerals with the Muong costumes

Page 142 - Cross Bow, Mountain Scene Baskets, Mountain home, Baskets, Carved horn knife, Bronze work info, Gong + bells, Altars to ancestors info, Bike with baskets, Musical instruments, Carved dragon, Lo Lo Hoa, Hill tribe giari girl, Cham Man, Pu Peo, Lao, Co Lao, BoY, Lu, Romam, Bru Van Kieu, Hmomg Hoa, Hill Tribe Vietnam Pa Then, Lo lo den, Boa Tang, Mnong, Tho, Khome, Khomu, Brau, Pa Then, Hmong, La hu, Lo lo, Si la, The people of Vietnam Unity & Diversity info, Garments + Textiles, Diversity & Unity info, A museum of Southeast Asia info, Ornaments + Musical instruments, Vietnam Hill Tribe

Page 143 - Textile, Vietnam Hill Tribe, Hats, Spinning Thread, White Thai info, Eye of God in hand, Embroideredd skirt textile, Mask, Embroidered woven textile, Northern Mon-Khmers info, Vietnam Hill Tribe lady with basket back pack and baby, The southern Mon-Khmers info, Musical instrument info, Weaving description info, Woven embroidered textile, Lady gourd, Baskets, Lady earring plugs, Tree mask, Khmer pagoda, Park lake in Hanoi, Statue Ly Thaito in Hanoi, Dragons in old Hanoi Page 144 -Neak Leoung Ferry, Bavet Border Crossing, Phnom Penh Highrise building, Prasat Prom Quat, Hor Namhong dedicated statue at Phnom Vit Hiller, Man with Tattoo, Painting in Pagoda near Vit Hller, Stairs at Vil Hiller. Lingas Statues, Info Ceramic, Reclining Statues, 1st Gold Medalist Winner (Tae Kwando) Page 145 - Old bridge between Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, Wooden Trey Neak Carved, Lizard, Phnom Kulen Info, Hun Sen with Governor of Siem Reap, Siem Reap National Museum, Elephant Statue (Oddar Meanchey), Jungle on the way to Phnom Kulen,  Log Bridge, Prasat Am Pa Oum, Prasat Pum Kabal Uni, Stone carving at Prasat Pum Kabal, Reclining Vishnu at Prasat Pum Kabal, Hill Tribe Village (Phnom Kulen Area), Prasat Net Tha, Butterfly Camp (Siem Reap), Banteay Srei Butterfly Center, Cocoons, Circle at Oddar Meanchey

Page 146 - CPP Poster, Oddar Meanchey + Banteay Chhmar Sign, Banteay Chhmar Sign, Mine Field Clearing, Stone head carving (Banteay Chhmar), Bush Flower, Carving at Banteay Chhmar, Banteay Top Temple, Banteay Top Temple Lake, Pond at Banteay Top Temple, Pagoda at Banteay Top Temple, Mud man fishing, Monument at Battambang Province, Trey Domrey Steamed, Battambang Museum

Page 147- Orchid Flower, Carving at Battambang Museum, Battambang Rapid Poo Pich Chenda, Green Vase Monument, Elephant crossing sign (Koh Kong),  Forest protection program, Tatai River Dam, Trey Neak Sign, Gary with Mr. Mab, Areng Valley Bridge, Areng River, Fresh crab at Kep, Grouper at Old Palace Restaurant

Page 148 - Cambodia Jan - Feb 2017:

National Museum in PP, Mondulkiri, Battambang, Phnom Simpo, Banteay Chmmar

Page 149 - Cambodia June - July 2017

National Museum, University of Fine Arts, Phnom Ek, National Fish Day,
CPP Anniversary

Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli Mr. Tan Vunyaung Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli
U.S Ambassador to Cambodia
H.E. Chan Sarun H.E. Chea Chanto H.E. Cham Prasidh
H.E. Hor Namhong H.E. Keat Chhun Okhna Kit Meng
H.E. So Khun Senator Kang Chan Kang Chan & wife

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